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Senior Class Party

Hello All,

We are excited to get together a Planning Committee to facilitate the 2021 Senior Class party.  This is an all night event for the Seniors held at the school after graduation that is filled with live entertainment, prices, food and fun.  The kids absolutely love this party and look forward to it.  We are proceeding as if it is a "GO" and will build in contingency plans as a backup.   Some of you may have helped with the planning in previous years for your older child and that is great, we'd love to have you back.  We have the binders from last year's committee that are detailed and lay out all of the information we will need to make this a huge success.   Normally planning for this event would have started in September, but we all know that this year is NOT normal!  

At this time we are looking for volunteers to fill key roles to get the ball rolling.    The main areas are:  Food, Prizes, Games, Entertainment, Security, Decorations, Fundraising, Ticket Sales & Publicity.  Two pivotal roles needed are Secretary and Treasurer.

Please consider signing up for one of the slots in the Sign Up Genius below:


Once these key roles are filled, we will look to fill additional roles to support each committee.   Some may be hesitant to be the Chair for a committee, therefore we are looking for Co-Chairs (or Co-Leads) to share the load so that we have a unified point of contact.  As the saying goes......Many hands make light work.  

This has been a challenging year for all and especially our Seniors.  Let's all participate so that we can give our Class of 2021 an awesome party to celebrate their accomplishments.   

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Melissa Goihl & Chris Meisinger

Senior Class Party Information