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Prom 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Link to Prom Website


  1. All attendees must have their student ID to enter. This includes guests from other schools. If no student ID available they must have their drivers license.
  2. Tickets are not allowed to be switched. The name on your QR Code must match your ID.
  3. All attendees must check in to the dance by 9:15pm.
  4. Parking: The best place to park for Prom is on the 1st floor of the West side of Mall of America. This lot is located between Macy's and Nordstrom. Chaperones will be available at the entrance to escort attendees that do not have a drivers license. 
  5. NO BAGS (backpacks, large totes, etc). Small purses are permitted. No changing clothes at the event. 
  6. Suit Coat Recommendation: Spare yourself suit coat confusion, and protect yourself from the high temperatures in the event space by leaving your suit coat in your vehicle

There is a wait list for those students who are still interested. 

Please see Karen Kanz in the attendance office for more information.

Senior/Junior Prom
An Enchanted Evening
Date:  Saturday, May 20, 2023
8 pm - 11:30 pm
8 pm - 10:00 pm Dance
9:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ride on Rides

Location:  MOA - Parkview Event Center - Nickelodeon Universe (Next to Fly over America)

Ticket Prices:
Tickets are $45/person when purchased between April 24th - May 5th
LATE ticket sales:  After May 5th will be sold by availability and go up to $65/ticket
Included in Ticket Price: Dance, unlimited photo booth photos, 2 hours of student rides (closed to public)

Guest Pass - Fill out this form if you are bringing a guest that does not attend EHS -  Guest Pass Link. 
*Each senior/junior is allowed to invite 1 guest to the prom
*Sophomores are only able to attend if invited by an upperclassman
Freshmen - are not able to attend this event

Students whose home school is Eagan... If students are attending DECALS or the ALC and their home school is Eagan, they have access to purchase prom tickets. However, IF they are bringing a guest from another school - their guest will have to fill out the guest form for approval before purchasing their tickets.
Guest Pass Link.

Can I change my clothes before I go on rides?
No - Prom wear only on the rides. Choose clothing that will allow for riding on rides.

Shoes - Tennis shoes with your formal wear for the dance and rides is perfectly acceptable. 
Video clip showing students at last year's prom running from the dance to the rides.


Saturday – May 18th 2024

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Saturday, May 15 2027

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