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Please use 651-683-6915 when calling in a student absence. Do not call the clerical staff.

REMINDER:  Health Alert - Students who are ill or injured

It is the school's policy that any student who is ill or injured and needs to go home must check out with the school nurse.  Students need a pass to leave school and parents need to be aware that their son or daughter is ill or injured.  If a student leaves campus without a pass from the nurse, a parent or guardian note or call later will result in an unexcused absence for the student.  Students who need a ride home can be met at an agreed upon exit.  Parents DO NOT need to come into the building to sign out the student.

Attendance Office Staff

Sherri Anderson, Attendance Clerk
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Amy Ernst, Attendance Clerk
Karen Kanz
Karen Kanz, Fine Arts/Activities Secretary

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