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Eagan High School Summer Community Theater

Eagan HS Summer Community Theater

Eagan HS Summer Community Theatre Program Announcement:

Hello to all Eagan High School Summer Community Theatre attendees and participants,

As a team we have made a decision concerning the 2021 summer season. Due to Covid restrictions, we will NOT be able to fill our seats this summer. Our program relies on full audiences to support our budget and staff. So to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience we will PAUSE this summer. Some of our teachers and directors need a moment to re-energize, some of our students need to go offline, and some of us are just tired of being behind the proverbial “outbreak” crunch. In addition, Diffley Road, County Road 30, will undergo major reconstruction starting June 11 and lasting all summer. It will be closed to all traffic which will make it difficult for our patrons. 

It takes a village to put up a show “like no other” on the Eagan stage. This last year has been an emotional rollercoaster for many of us. I think we need to heal. We need to take some time to enjoy our great outdoors this summer, to take in the sunshine, to connect with our friends and neighbors and family. We need to float down the lazy river and unwind in its rambling path.

We need to meet each other on stage, face to face, singing and dancing our way into the hearts of our audiences. The way we used to. We have filmed and Zoomed and edited around this pandemic as much as we could. We are exhausted; so take this summer off.

The good news is that we have signed and purchased the rights to a GANGBUSTER musical for the summer of 2022. We want you all back! And...we have committed to “The Wizard of Oz” for the summer of 2023.

“In this world in which we live, simplicity and kindness are the only magic wands that work wonders…” from The Emerald City of Oz

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Jodene Wartman, Director