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Anti-Racism at EHS

Over the summer of 2020, we’ve been actively listening to our students, former students, parents and guardians, and members of our community about the ways that Eagan High School has failed to serve our students of color. 

We hear your voices through social media, in-person conversations, listening sessions, emails, surveys, and phone calls. We are proud of our students and families for their care and involvement in efforts to address racism.

As a predominantly white school, with a predominantly white faculty and staff, in a system created to support whiteness, we need to address the needs and concerns and respond to our students of color and their families.

We are proud to have been a positive educational experience for so many students over the years, but we have work to do to be a school to provide that experience for each and every one of our EHS students. 

So, we deeply appreciate our community’s work so far in speaking and writing to us about how we can repair the damage, create a space for healing, and not only make our school less racist, but actively antiracist. 

Equity and Inclusion Department (District 196 Certified Family Advocates)

Anti-Racism at Eagan High School

Learn With Us (Resources)


The resources in this section are here thanks to the work of Rosemount High School who has given us permission to share these incredible resources from their Racial Equity Resources.