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Eagan Academy -(Credit Recovery)

Eagan Academy offers students the opportunity to make-up previously failed required classes, provide additional support with assignments and promote student success connectedness to school. The purpose of Eagan Academy is to build students’ academic skills and success in school.
There are three sessions of Eagan Academy offered during the school year and two sessions offered during the summer months.

Information & Registration


Students whose last name begins with:
A - B -  Ms. Susan Olsen 651-683-6929

C - Gr -  Ms. Jolaine Haider 651-683-6924
Gu-Kt - Ms. Kayla Hammond 651-683-6928

Ku - Ne -  Ms. Michelle Lehmann 651-683-6923

Ng - Sh -  Mr. Dave Fritze 651-683-6926 

Si - Z -  Ms. Norah Krohse-Hermon 651-683-6930
Eagan Crest

Steve Thompson
EHS Assistant Principal
Voicemail: 651-683-6969 #36906